Opened in December 2013, this little bar was previously tucked away

inside Cyrano Wine Shop & Deli in Legazpi Village, Makati, where it

served coffee during the day and cocktails by night.

Since December 2016, it has taken over the wine shop, moving coffee

service up front and establishing extended hours through the night.

Cocktail service remains at the back

The Curator is known across town for being serious about BOTH

Specialty Coffee and Craft Cocktails. They are constantly changing their

lineup of coffee and cocktail offerings depending on what’s available

and what they feel its customers should be experiencing.

The shop prides itself in sincere and personal customer service as a forte.

Genuine relationships forged with customers one coffee or cocktail at a

time has led to a strong community.

The Curator has been included in the Asia's 50 Best Bars list for four

consecutive years. The shop is currently ranked #37 on the list, #25 in

2018, #23 in 2017 and #16 in 2016.